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WG Forex –

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With an experienced staff of industry professionals, WG Forex specializes in creating custom FX brokerage and trading solutions for retail traders, service providers, institutional traders, money managers and hedge funds. WG Forex offers a wide variety of value-adding services, including market access through the world’s top Forex brokers, cash back rebates for retail traders, built-to-specification trading algorithms, administrative and operational support for money managers and customized liquidity for hedge funds and high volume traders.



  1. 220 USD initially request, then they force you to get three partners so you can generate profits and you get nothing. A scam this web.

  2. I have had a bad experience with WG, it is true .. I get angry and I feel scammed because the truth I want to change my life and with this company I only ruined.

  3. They are a financial fraud, beware of investing with this broker.

  4. These types of names with initials are regularly for scamming companies, I’m not surprised

  5. Estoy cansado, es el quinto broker que pruebo en un período de 3 años y nuevamente me siento estafado, los primero cuatro meses todo iba bien, se generaban ganancias, todo iba muy bien pero de repente todo acabó y solo se generaron más perdidas hasta dejarme sin ningún resultado.

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