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  1. I received a call from an advisor to invest with an initial of $ 100 and I am still starting with them, so far I have not had problems and they seem very friendly.

  2. I spoke with an advisor of this broker, he explained to me very kindly how the platform works and finally he offered me a subscription for 100 dollars in which I would receive all the necessary help to start trading, but I have my great doubts.

  3. I find this broker interesting, I would like to join and operate with them but I am afraid of some comments I have read about them. What dou you recommend?

  4. To get my money from this broker, they asked me for a papal from the bank, but my bank tells me that they don’t give papers for retirement with brokers, that this is a scam and that they just want to access my information and copy my cards and keys.

  5. When you try to move your money to your bank they will charge you a commission that will not reach you with what you have earned by doing “social trading”.

  6. I do not recommend anyone who does not know about trading to mess with any broker, to be in this you have to study the markets and know how to operate, broker agents will do what they think, but if you are trained you will know how to identify when they start Steal.

  7. I have seen several reviews of this broker and there are different comments, I would say that for 70% of the trader population it is a bad broker and for the rest they are good, then or they have people doing good publicity or select those who cheat and those who do not.

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