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Contra FX is one of the world

Leading online currency trading broker website offering online forex trading and CFDs trading with tight spreads.
Contra FX‘s vision is innovative technology to provide our worldwide client base to service individual and corporate investors such as money managers, banks and financial institutions in easing the complexity in dealing with forex and contracts of difference trading.


  1. I can open closed positions when I want it because the contrafx technology allows me, in addition that the platforms allow me to act in real time on recent price movements, live.
    Not only Forex trading, but CFD and ETF, so it is a broad broker in this sense and allows good leverage.
    My experience has been good and that is why I recommend it.

  2. Contrafx is a good option because it allows trading with a large number of instruments with transaction fees in favor of the trader. Their rates and taxes are low, which makes it a multi purpose investment vehicle in the market.
    Customer support as well as education and mentoring are appropriate, good market and excellent platform so far.

    • This broker has the possibility to open a demo account? I can not see this on your page. Only Individual / Joint, Corporate and Trust account options.

  3. Customer support is the best i have ever known, solving your querys within minutes.

  4. Do any of you know about commissions and spreads? I would like to know how the costs of this broker.

    • Hi. Their Spreads are variable, not too high, but not too low. Of what will be free at all are the commissions. Extremely low to say non-existent.

  5. It could improve a little in the retreat, the period they offer is 3 to 5 days and took 5 exact days, the idea is that the withdrawal is as soon as possible after all.

  6. Good broker to operate in intradia, the swap are comfortable to leave the orders in the long term.

  7. The spread that has much help in the trade, the withdrawals are confirmed the same day, it is good for the forex community

  8. anyone using this broker? could you please share your experiences? any slippages, re-quotes, disconnected, long withdrawal times, etc..


  9. Nice broker. offers mt4. Spreads could be better but I’m happy with everything else

  10. I’m on CONTRAFX live more than 1 month. This guys are awesome. The spreads are good, even not the excellent one, but good. Nowadays too many scam brokers with poor support and hidden commissions. This broker has relevant information on the web site with clear performance of all commissions depending on account type.
    Fast deposit and withdrawals. Fast execution as well.
    No complains

  11. BESBROKER I am very happy with the execution for scalping, without slippage

    • Yes, the scalping in this broker is amazing. I like contrafx to operate in forex, normally the brokers that operate in forex have anomalies, but I have no problems with contrafx after 11 months.

  12. CONTRAFX is very good Broker, they have low spread, the commission is very low, the execution is excellent, an the customer support is excellent.

  13. Does anyone offer rebates for this broker?

  14. CONTRAFX A new broker that looks quite promising with good offers.

  15. I just started to work with CONTRAFX

    For now my judgment is an EXCELLENT broker.

    Great feed, very low spreads, slippage very contained

    It is a very professional broker for professionals

    I hope to confirm my judgment during time

  16. I too am using CONTRAFX , I find them knowledgable, friendly and extreemly helpful, What you really need. As for slipage and pricing ,I don’t really know! Partly because I am new, and partly because I am too involved with my Entries and Exits to be bother, afteral it’s a cost that we have to pay, if not to them to someone else, at least they take the money of you with charm and smile. Generally and so far I am happy.

  17. Contrafx Very good runner. Narrow stretches, no problem.
    Spreads low

  18. Very nice broker.Easy withdrawal/Deposits within hours (not days).But my lack trading ability makes every brokers looks bad.So it’s not about the broker(s),but my ability

  19. The spreads are very good to operate, the withdrawals are fast, I perceive that it is a stable broker.

  20. Awesome runner! The service is really good and fast.
    It is believed that these initiatives are the future of a group of investors in my country.

  21. I had been operating with them for 1 year, in general it is a very complete and reliable broker. Unfortunately I had to retire due to health problems and I needed the money, I hope to return soon.

  22. I have been trading with this broker for more than 2 years, solid, reliable, complete and trustworthy. It is a wonder to operate with them, very good platform, any trader be it beginner or expert, and with any amount of money. I recommend using this great broker.

  23. In the forex market it is one of the best brokers I have found. 7 months operating and everything works great.

  24. I have received good reviews from this company, I am interested in operating with them. If someone can answer me please, are the spreads low, intermediate or high?

  25. A spectacular broker, one of the best in the industry, is very safe to trade in it. I have never had a problem with their quotes and they have a multitude of instruments and trading tools. They are very complete, and their excellent fundamental analyzes.

  26. A good and reliable broker. I haven’t had a single problem with them so far! The platform is easy to use, fast execution of orders in many currency pairs to trade

  27. I have been operating with this broker for two years, I am Chilean and I have been trading in Forex for many years.

  28. The best broker I have operated with. Its spreads are excellent, I can’t complain about this broker that has given me so many opportunities.

  29. Trade six months and in this company. The flight is normal, the departure for six months over 3000 dollars. The trading platform likes it, very fast and made for traders.

  30. There is no other broker like this, it offers a unique technology that makes everything much simpler. The best in CFDs.

  31. A very organized website, with excellent benefits. I trade with gold and silver and I have never loved a broker like this. I have not tried operating with other products, but I will soon take the initiative to operate with other CFDs.

  32. The education they offer is exceptional, the forex glossary was very useful since I am starting in this type of online commerce and I am fascinated.

  33. The corporate account has excellent benefits, for those who are SEO companies in commerce I recommend them. It is an excellent alternative.

  34. Ils offrent tout le nécessaire au niveau de l’éducation. Je suis nouveau dans le trading, mais j’ai décidé de commencer avec le minimum pour apprendre le plus possible, je ne m’attendais pas à faire un profit le premier mois, mais je vais très bien. Il ne fait aucun doute que j’ai encore beaucoup à apprendre et à savoir choisir le meilleur de mes stratégies, mais je suis enthousiaste.

  35. Ich habe vorher mit anderen Maklern verhandelt, die Märkte dieses Maklers sind die besten, die ich versucht habe und es ist wunderbar. Sie boten mir tägliche Geschäftsberatung und regelmäßige Follow-up-Anrufe des mir zugewiesenen Account Managers an. Wettbewerbsfähige Sendung Sehr zu empfehlen.

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