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Capital FMI –

Capital FMI –

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Minimum deposit: 350$

Platforms validated: ACTIV8  


  1. I used 2 accounts with this broker. One in the USA, with a subsidiary, which was fined for spreading malpractice, for being a regulated broker, gave me back the lost chip. And another account in the UK which didn’t go very well for me, I had a bad experience.

  2. This broker is very bad. Start getting losses with them, the operations that I closed appeared then open, spread spread up to 20 pips … Bad conditions. I do not recommend it.

  3. The platform they have is very bad, it does not offer news, tools or security, it would not invest in them again. $ 350 lost.

  4. No technical support and besides that they are scammers, they insist on people who invest an amount and then keep the money.

  5. They are not trustworthy, they use the acronym IMF to build trust and they are thieves, I lost my money but now I can say that they are scammers and warn people.

  6. I have reviewed different reviews and in all there are negative comments, it is not a broker that I would have as an option to invest.

  7. They use a different technology, their own, is configured to generate mysterious losses and take money from their investors, beware.

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