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JB Markets Pty Ltd (JB Alpha) is an Australian advisory broking firm which provides trading access to local & international financial products in Equities,  Margin FX, CFDs, Options & Futures,  Commodities, ETF’s  and Physical Bullion via its custodial- and executing counterparties. JB Alpha specialises in quality General Advice on Equities, Forex, Futures & Options. Our experienced team of advisors are able to assist your trading across all major asset classes and international markets. Our head office is based in Melbourne and we have established relationships with many leading financial institutions in Australia as well as overseas.



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  3. It covers a wide variety of products to invest and that is excellent since most brokers do not offer so much, the wide range to choose from makes everything much more accessible and we can choose what we prefer.

  4. They collect the privacy information, that makes everything much more insecure. I registered with the demo account but they request too much information and now it makes me nervous because there are brokers who use the information to steal or send you fake promotions.

    • They can even sell your information this happened to me with a broker, so be careful.

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