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24btcMarkets –

24btcMarkets –

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Minimum deposit: 500$

Platforms validated: MetaTrader 4


  1. It is not a legitimate broker, as many others are just scammers who want to take advantage of others. Besides that type of names leaves much to be desired, most scam brokers have “btc” included in their names.

  2. They do not answer questions, they do not offer direct contact, they are simply the worst existing brokers and I know they have scammed several people. Be careful with these companies.

  3. The minimum deposit is very high for a broker so disorganized that it does not offer so many benefits, not even other excellent brokers request so much money for an account that does not work. It is a mockery to customers.

  4. It is not known if it is an offshore broker, it is not regulated, it has no registration, a broker like this generates many doubts. I would not put my money with them.

  5. Scam, fraud, there is nothing more to say. The minimum is $ 500 for an account that has no basic functions and a broker that steals your money, has high risks and operates irregularly.

  6. They don’t have a live support team, but they say they offer live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This website does not have a support chat panel, it is impossible to send them a query.

  7. The security of the funds in this broker is not guaranteed and neither is your information. Keep in mind that this scam site does not have SSL encryption, they can take your information and steal them.

  8. Offering bonuses is illegal, but they claim to offer a 30% bonus if you sign up, that bonus is fake. In addition there are no differences between accounts, the only visible difference is in terms of leverage. A waste of time.

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